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Should I Buy An Outdoor Sauna?

Having your own outdoor sauna is a blessing and legitimizes any at home wellness practice – whether you need to loosen up stiff muscles or simply let off steam, enjoy a rejuvenating session whenever you please.

With our Wi-Fi enabled remote controlled electric sauna heaters have your outdoor sauna ready to go with the touch of a button right from your phone.

Our outdoor saunas arrive in pre-fabricated easy to assemble panels. Everything you need to build your outdoor sauna is delivered right to your door!

Advantages of Outdoor Sauna

What to know!

1. Choose The Size That Suits You

Every home outdoor space isn’t the same size. A large cabin on a spacious lawn or a smaller sauna in a small garden, would certainly uplift the outdoor space.

You may have a small or a large family. A custom outdoor sauna cabin will suit your family’s needs whether they are large or small.

2. Set The Temperature As You Like It

Our saunas and sauna heaters are designed to provide your optimal temperature to replenish your mind, body, and soul.

Either choose a wood-burning stove or an electric heater – to give yourself total freedom enjoying yiour sauna with the temperature you prefer.

3. Select Your Wood

Choose between Red Western Clear Cedar, or Nordic Thermos-Spruce. Both give your sauna a touch of class while complementing the exterior of your home. It really comes down to what pleases your eye the most.

4. Decide The View

Prefer having a glass door to look outside and enjoy the garden view? Or do you prefer your sauna to be fully private? A custom outdoor sauna cabin in Canada or the USA can be designed according to your requirements.

5. Personalized Interior Setting

Choose from many of our sauna accessories to uplift your outdoor sauna experience. Optimize your session with cedar buckets & ladles or various back supports.

6. The Easy Part? Setting Up!

All our outdoor saunas come with pre-fabricated panels that are easy to assemble. We offer installation or you can do it yourself with the guidebook and a few basic tools.