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Discover the Best Sauna From Canada for Your Home

Considering a sauna from Canada? Discover how to enhance your home with Canada’s finest saunas, offering unmatched quality and diverse designs. This article provides insight into the best indoor and outdoor options, including essential buying tips and the unique advantages of Canadian saunas.

Key Takeaways

  • Saunas in Canada have a rich history that began with Finnish immigrants and have evolved from public communal spaces to modern home wellness retreats offering various indoor options.
  • Canadian indoor saunas range from simple traditional designs using electric heaters to customizable cedar wood saunas, emphasizing craftsmanship, eco-friendliness, and safety.
  • Outdoor saunas in Canada are crafted to accommodate traditional Finnish experiences and withstand local climates, with options like barrel and cabin saunas using materials like Western Red Cedar and Thermowood.

Canadian Sauna Culture: A Brief Overview

Canadian Sauna Culture

The story of saunas in Canada is one of cultural fusion, initiated by Finnish immigrants in the late 19th century. These pioneers brought with them a cherished tradition that, much like a soothing heat wave, gradually spread across the nation and warmed the hearts of diverse Canadian communities.

Initially a utilitarian escape for weary miners, public saunas soon emerged as a communal haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Today, despite the decline of public saunas, the spirit of the sauna experience lives on, with many Canadian cities still offering these facilities in public pools.

The evolution of the sauna experience in Canada reflects a commitment to well-being that transcends borders and generations. From the steamy sanctuaries built by Finnish settlers to the sophisticated home saunas of the modern era, the journey of the sauna in Canada is a tale of tradition, adoption, and adaption.

Indoor Sauna Options in Canada

Pre-Fab Cedar Sauna. Easy to assemble. Great for Home Use.

Indoor saunas have transformed Canadian homes into personal wellness retreats, offering various designs. Whether you’re seeking an intimate space for two or a larger setting for group relaxation, the indoor sauna landscape in Canada has a model to suit your needs.

Let’s turn up the heat and explore the different types of indoor saunas that can elevate your home wellness experience.

Electric Sauna Heaters

Consider the electric sauna heater, a marvel of modern engineering that provides dry and steamy environments to cater to your sauna preference. These heaters are a testament to convenience and efficiency, making them a popular choice for indoor and outdoor saunas. With electric sauna heaters, you’re not just choosing a piece of equipment; you’re opting for smart energy use and a durable, stainless-steel companion that ensures your sauna sessions are nothing short of perfect.

And for those who appreciate a good löyly, the capacity to hold a substantial amount of rocks for that quintessential steam experience is simply impressive. 

Löyly Definition

Löyly is a Finnish term for the steam that rises from the sauna stove or the heat of the sauna. In Finnish folklore, "Löyly" also represents the soul of the body. The soul was believed to be connected to the physical body and left the body upon taking the final breath.

Cedar Wood Saunas

Now, let’s talk about cedar wood saunas—a true ode to craftsmanship and nature’s resilience. Cedar is not just a material; it’s the cornerstone of a sauna that boasts strength, lightweight properties, and an innate resistance to the warping effects of heat.

The allure of cedar saunas, like the 1420 Indoor Prefab Cedar Sauna Room, lies in its fine softwood construction that remains cool to the touch, enhancing your comfort and safety. Canadian manufacturers take pride in their locally sourced, high-quality cedar wood, making their saunas a beacon of superior quality and durability.

Customizable Sauna Designs

Elu saunas and cold tub sauna design for basement music room

The beauty of a sauna lies not only in its warmth but also in its ability to fit seamlessly into your life. This is where customizable sauna designs come into play—offering you the flexibility to install a slice of paradise in unused corners of your home, be it a spare room or a bathroom.

For the hands-on homeowner, DIY Pre-Fab sauna kits are a dream come true, requiring minimal carpentry skills for a transformation that unfolds within a day. When you choose a Canadian-made customizable sauna, you’re also choosing eco-friendliness and low EMF emissions, ensuring that your wellness oasis is as healthy as indulgent.

Outdoor Sauna Choices in Canada

Outdoor Prefab Sauna Kit Traditional Home Dry Sauna

As we step outside, the Canadian landscape opens up to a world of outdoor saunas that blend tradition with innovation. From the simplicity of the barrel to the grandeur of luxury saunas, outdoor options in Canada are vast and varied. These saunas are not just structures; they are experiences, crafted from locally sourced materials to withstand the elements and designed to provide a tranquil escape into nature.

Barrel Saunas

Barrel saunas, with their distinctive cylindrical form, are a testament to functional beauty and efficient heat circulation. The Western Red Cedar, with its watertight and visually stunning properties, is a preferred choice for these saunas, adding an element of rustic charm to your backyard.

Thermowood, with its quick heating properties, is another material that enhances the barrel sauna experience, ensuring that even at high temperatures, the humidity remains low for a comfortable session.

Cabin Saunas

For those who yearn for the traditional Finnish sauna experience, cabin saunas offer:

  • Spacious interiors
  • A design that speaks to classic sauna culture
  • The option to add panoramic windows
  • Multi-level benches

    Cabin saunas marry tradition with modern desires, creating an environment that is both inclusive and conducive to group wellness sessions where people can sit and relax.

    Essential Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Sauna

    Women lying down in sauna in Canada


    Embarking on the quest for your ideal sauna involves more than just picking a model; it’s about tailoring your choice to your life. To do so, one must consider space, budget, and safety features, ensuring that the sauna you choose is not just a place to sweat but a sanctuary that aligns with your personal needs and preferences.

    Assessing Your Space and Location

    Before the sauna becomes part of your home, careful consideration of space, location, and lighting is paramount. From the sauna’s footprint to the height of its ceiling, every dimension plays a role in the comfort and effectiveness of your sauna experience. A well-planned ventilation system is as crucial as the seating arrangements, ensuring that each session is a breath of fresh air, free from moisture and carbon dioxide build-up.

    Determining Your Budget

    A sauna is an investment in your well-being, and determining your budget is a step that cannot be overlooked. From the sticker price to the installation costs and the ongoing maintenance, each financial aspect should be weighed to avoid any steamy surprises down the line.

    Prioritizing Health and Safety Features

    Regarding saunas, health and safety are not just features; they are foundations. Modern electric sauna heaters with built-in safety measures, non-toxic materials, and certified electrical components installed by a licensed electrician ensure that your retreat is as secure as it is serene.

    The Benefits of Owning a Home Sauna in Canada

    Home sauna in Canada

    The embrace of a home sauna is not just about the warmth it offers; it’s about the myriad health benefits of regular use. From the stress-relieving heat that improves circulation to the detoxifying sweat that fortifies your immune system, a sauna is a gateway to enhanced well-being. Beyond the physiological perks, there’s the promise of a more restful sleep and the potential for a youthful glow, thanks to the sauna’s ability to stimulate collagen production.

    ELU Saunas & Cold Tubs Canada's Top Choice For Saunas

    Elu Saunas And Cold Tubs Store View

    ELU Saunas & Cold Tubs is a leading provider of exceptional quality saunas in Canada, with a prime location in Oakville, Ontario. Their reputation as a beacon of expertise and quality in the industry is well-earned, as they partner with the most skilled professionals to ensure that each customer finds their ideal sauna match.

    Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every process step, from the initial consultation to the final installation. They offer a wide range of sauna options to choose from, including traditional and modern styles, custom designs, and exceptional heater options. With ELU Saunas & Cold Tubs, you can expect a seamless and enjoyable experience when selecting your dream sauna.

    Check out their work here.

    Custom Saunas In Toronto

    A custom sauna is a great way to add relaxation and health benefits to your home. It can be customized to fit seamlessly into any space. You can build it in a spare room, basement, or even a converted closet.

    A custom sauna offers many health advantages, including stress relief, improved circulation, and detoxification. You can personalize features such as lighting, seating, and heat settings to create a sanctuary perfectly suited to your preferences, providing a rejuvenating retreat right at home.

    ELU Sauna and Cold Tubs are experts in installing custom saunas around the GTA. Contact them to learn more about your project and the possibilities.


    In conclusion, the journey to finding the perfect sauna is as much about embracing Canada's rich sauna culture as it is about understanding the intricacies of sauna design, functionality, and health benefits. Whether you choose an indoor sanctuary or an outdoor retreat, the warmth of a Canadian sauna awaits to transform your home into a wellness oasis.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to put a sauna in your house?

    The cost of putting a sauna in your house can range from $2,300 to $34,000, depending on the type and customization. Generally, expect to pay around $4,500 on average for sauna installation.

    Do home saunas use a lot of electricity?

    Yes, home saunas use a significant amount of electricity to produce heat, but their impact on your monthly electricity bill is generally minimal, around $4 to $6 when used 2-3 times a week.

    What type of sauna is best for home?

    Depending on the size of your space and your budget, you can choose between a pre-fabricated sauna or a custom-built sauna for your home. If you're interested in building a sauna and want to know what would work best for you, feel free to contact ELU Saunas And Cold Tubs to discuss your project.

    Are home saunas worth it?

    While home saunas can offer therapeutic warmth and relaxation, their worth depends on individual needs and preferences. Some studies suggest potential health benefits, including stress relief, improved internal systems efficiency, and increased property value. Read more about how saunas can add value to your home here.

    What are the health benefits of using a sauna?

    Regular sauna use offers a range of health benefits, including reduced stress, improved circulation, enhanced detoxification, a stronger immune system, better skin health, and improved sleep quality.

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