Cold Immersion Therapy

Research has shown that regular cold exposure contributes to numerous health benefits.

Some benefits include reduced inflammation and healing of sore muscles. Additionally, regular cold exposure has been linked to improve quality of sleep, more focus and improved immune response.

Many individuals, including athletes will utilize ice baths as a means to speed up recovery after physical exercise. Scientists have also found evidence that cold exposure can accelerate the metabolism.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Cold water immersion causes a significant release of epinephrine (aka adrenaline) and norepinephrine (aka noradrenaline) in the brain and body.

Cold exposure causes their levels to stay elevated for some time and their ongoing effect after the exposure is to increase your level of energy and focus.

Ice Baths or cold plunge therapy can cause the prolonged release of dopamine. Dopamine is a powerful molecule capable of elevating mood, enhancing focus, attention, goal-directed behaviour, etc.

Even short bouts of ice bath therapy can cause a lasting increase in dopamine and sustained elevation of mood, energy, and focus.

While immersing in an Ice Bath, cold plunge therapy can also increase the metabolism as the body has to burn calories to increase core body temperature.

Manage Stress By Adapting To Cold

Cold water immersion & cold plunge therapy over a period of time significantly reduces the adrenaline-driven sympathetic response to a different stressor and increases the para-sympathetic activity that calms the body down.

In other words, our natural adaptations to cope with cold water leads to less reaction to other unrelated stresses, as well as to an ability to calm down faster.

This 'cross-adaptation' effect lasts for months. Cold water adaptation can help stimulate the vagus nerve. The Vagus Nerve (Vagal Nerves) are the main nerves of your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls specific body functions such as your digestion, heart rate and immune system.

These functions are involuntary meaning you cannot consciously control them; thus, stimulation must come from an external source such as Ice Bath's & cold plunge therapy.  

Boost Metabolism & Protect Your Body

Regular sauna use is a great way to boost your metaboloism and burn fat as exposing your body to extreme heat will transform the your white fat into beige fat increasing thermogenesis and resulting in fat loss.

Sauna bathing has also been found to postively impact longevity as studies have shown that traditional dry sauna use and exposure to heat upregulates levels FOXO3, which are the genes responsible for repairing DNA pathways.

Additionally, heat exposure in the form of traditional sauna activates Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) which prevent the changes in proteins that would be detrimental to our health – it is a protective mechanism for your body that can be induced through regular sauna bathing.

Cold water immersion therapy health benefits

Cold Immersion Benefits

  • Immune System Support
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Boost your Metabolism
  • Better Sleep
  • Elevate Mood & Relieve Stress
  • Practice Discipline & Increase Resilience
  • Lower/Reduce Inflammation
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness
  • Boost Performance
  • Nervous System Regulation