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Transform Your Backyard With An Outdoor Sauna - Canada

Are you wondering if an outdoor sauna is right for you? This article will explore the practical considerations and indulgent reasons for bringing the sauna experience to your own backyard, from choosing the ideal type to understanding its health and relaxation benefits.

We'll explore the different styles available, material choices for longevity, and maintenance tips to ensure your saunas remain a private haven for years.

We're located in Oakville, Ontario, in the greater Toronto area, and we're an excellent choice if you're looking to explore sauna options in Canada. We're here to help you turn your backyard into your own personal oasis and improve your body.

Key Takeaways

  • Outdoor saunas come in a range of styles, including traditional wood and electric saunas and innovative pre-fab designs like patio and pod saunas. Each offers a unique at-home wellness experience.
  • Quality materials like Nordic spruce, cedar, and Thermo spruce are essential for durable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor saunas, with customization options available to match personal style and functionality.
  • Regular use of outdoor saunas can have significant health benefits, including stress relief, improved cardiovascular health, and enhanced immune function, but remember maintenance and safety considerations to ensure a long-lasting and safe retreat.
  • ELU Saunas & Cold Tubs is the top choice for outdoor saunas in Canada. They offer a wide selection of pre-fab saunas and have knowledgeable and friendly staff.

    Discover Outdoor Saunas For Canada

    Outdoor patio sauna Ontario Canada

    Exploring the realm of outdoor saunas reveals a diversity of styles, all inviting you to relax amid natural surroundings. Whether it’s the rustic charm of a traditional sauna reminiscent of a Canadian lakeside cabin or an electric sauna that integrates effortlessly into contemporary outdoor spaces, there is an option for every preference and garden dimension. Regular use offers more than just tranquility. It enhances overall well-being as part of a comprehensive approach to maintaining good health.

    Whether you're looking for a private retreat or a cozy social nook, patio-style and other varieties offer solace, elegance, and compatibility with nature’s essence—perfect for those seeking deep relaxation in either open-air settings or indoor areas.

    Traditional Wood-Fired Saunas

    Traditional wood-fired sauna with cedar interior

    Experience the quintessential charm of a traditional wood burning sauna, where the comforting crackle of burning timber and gentle whisper of steam invite you into an oasis of peace. Built with robust Nordic spruce and aromatic cedar, these saunas don’t just stand strong—they elevate your experience by releasing soothing scents that contribute to their therapeutic atmosphere.

    Enjoying a session in this wood fired haven offers numerous advantages.

    • The ability to fine-tune both temperature and moisture levels according to personal preference
    • A cozy retreat enveloped in rustic elegance through its reliance on wood-burning for heat
    • Assists in purifying the body while providing mental clarity
    • An idyllic chance to absorb the stillness typically found only in nature’s embrace.

    Electric Pre-Fab Outdoor Sauna Kits

    These robust electric high quality cedar saunas are an excellent option for individuals who appreciate modern convenience. These modern saunas feature sophisticated temperature regulation, often enhanced with app connectivity, these sauna heaters deliver steady heat that can be fine-tuned to suit personal preferences. They also offer customization possibilities, such as the addition of changing rooms and additional features, providing adaptability for any outdoor space.

    The versatility of electric saunas allows them to fit into diverse settings, whether it’s a private nook in your garden or next to an active pool area. This flexibility enables them to surmount several constraints associated with indoor sauna installations.

    Learn more about patio saunas here.

    Innovative Round Cube Saunas

    If you desire a sauna experience that shines in terms of both design and effectiveness, consider the cutting-edge barrel and pod saunas. The captivating cylindrical shape of barrel saunas ensures not only an even distribution of heat but also brings a distinctive charm to any outdoor area. Take the Pacific View model as an example – it boasts a large acrylic bubble, allowing users to soak up stunning vistas while luxuriating in soothing warmth.

    Alternatively, pod saunas boast an oval silhouette that is strikingly modern and affords additional headroom, delivering enhanced comfort during your sauna sessions.

    Learn more about round cube saunas here.

    Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Sauna Material

    High-quality Nordic spruce and cedar wood for outdoor saunas

    When it comes to building your outdoor sauna, the choice of material is paramount. High-quality woods like Nordic spruce, cedar, and thermospruce not only ensure your sauna stands the test of time, but also enhance its beauty and performance.

    Some options for sauna materials include:

    • Nordic spruce: known for its durability and natural beauty
    • Cedar: resistant to rot and decay, with a pleasing aroma
    • Thermospruce: treated for increased durability and stability

      By choosing one of these high-quality materials, you can create a sauna that is built to last and provides a welcoming and enjoyable experience.

      And for those with a penchant for eco-friendliness, choosing materials like thermowood or eucalyptus can provide a sauna that’s as kind to the planet as it is to your well-being.

      Customizing Your Sauna Experience

      Customize your outdoor sauna to embody your unique style and cater to your individual requirements. The importance of personalization cannot be overstated. With an array of options for size, configuration, heating systems, and extra amenities at your disposal, the possibilities for crafting a distinctive sauna are endless. Opt for timber types, door designs, window styles, and finishes that resonate with you to shape the atmosphere you’ve envisioned.

      Consider expanding on this by including an additional room designed specifically for cooling off or outfitting it with a collection of contemporary sauna accessories – all geared towards enhancing the quality of time spent in this retreat. You hold the creative license to forge an unparalleled sauna experience tailored perfectly to complement your personal sanctuary’s vibe.

      Many people love the addition of a cold tub. To experience the health benefits of heat and cold.

      Assembly and Installation: DIY or Professional?

      Owning an sauna extends beyond the customization process. It also encompasses the assembly and installation phase. Sauna kits come prefabricated, catering especially to those who enjoy DIY projects, with certain models boasting of portability features that allow for easy assembly. You can craft a personal oasis with a fundamental set of carpentry skills and following the instructions and materials included in your sauna kit.

      On the other hand, should DIY not align with your preferences or skills, professional installation services are available to guarantee that your sauna is constructed safely and properly without you having to handle any logistical burdens. Whether you opt for self-assembly or seek expert assistance, preparing the site adequately remains crucial for ensuring longevity and performance from your sauna.

      Contact us about your installation needs, we're here to help.

      Enhancing Your Outdoor Space: Sauna Landscaping Ideas

      Saunas are not merely constructions. They embody an extension of your external environment. For the ultimate sanctuary of relaxation, it’s crucial to integrate landscaping elements that seamlessly marry ease and elegance with nature’s backdrop. Personalizing your sauna space can involve introducing garden art or designing thematic ambiance, giving it a unique allure and personality.

      Enhance your sauna vicinity by installing a contemporary deck with generous seating options, perhaps even adding a breezeway or pavilion. These additions ensure the area is practical while simultaneously providing welcoming spots for unwinding and social gatherings.

      Health Benefits of Regular Sauna Use

      An outdoor sauna offers more than just its inviting warmth and aesthetic appeal. It provides distinct advantages with each use. Sauna sessions are renowned for their unique benefits, such as:

      • Stress Reduction -Acting as a natural stress reliever while promoting mental clarity
      • Decreasing the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
      • Enhancing lung capacity along with heart health
      • Offering pain relief from conditions including arthritis and migraines

        Regular sauna use can facilitate blood flow and detoxification, which is advantageous for maintaining skin vitality as well as improved circulation. Unclogging pores deeply cleanses the skin, amplifying the effectiveness of skincare routines. Consistent visits to a sauna have been known to lower cortisol levels and elevate immune system capabilities, thereby serving as a robust method for improving one’s overall sense of well-being.

        Unwind, relax, and reduce stress, and with our harder winters in Canada, it's such a treat to experience the benefits of dry heat. Learn more about health benefits here.

        Sauna Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Enjoyment

        To make certain that your outdoor sauna continues to bring pleasure over the years, it’s vital to keep up with its upkeep. Here are some maintenance recommendations.

        1. Use gentle cleaners and specialized sauna brushes for routine cleaning of both inside and outside areas.
        2. To avert deterioration and preserve its look, treat the wood with a sealer made specifically for sauna use.
        3. Maintain proper airflow within the sauna space to stave off mold and mildew accumulation.
        4. Consistently monitor and tend to the heating components as well as control systems in your sauna.

          With continuous surveillance and prompt attention to any wear or damage encountered, you can secure a hygienic and faultless outdoor experience post every exhausting day.

          Outdoor Sauna Safety Considerations

          Relaxation and safety should go hand-in-hand in your outdoor sauna. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and comfortable sauna experience.

          1. Adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent fire hazards. Make sure your sauna is well-ventilated and free of flammable materials.
          2. Ensure that your sauna is connected to a proper electrical outlet to avoid any electrical hazards.
          3. Regularly maintain your sauna heaters and the structure itself to keep it safe for use.
          4. Use non-slip mats and clear paths to prevent accidents.

            By following these tips, you can relax and enjoy a safe experience.

            Always follow safety guidelines, such as staying hydrated and avoiding sauna use under the influence of alcohol, to maximize the benefits and enjoyment of your sauna sessions.


            We have explored the diverse aspects of owning an outdoor sauna, including selecting a suitable style and material with excitement and understanding of the process of assembly, installation, and customization.

            We have also discussed how to transform your backyard into a serene sanctuary for relaxation. Consistent use of your sauna can provide various health benefits, while regular maintenance will help keep it a peaceful haven for your well-being.

            It's crucial to consider safety protocols and financial implications on this journey. With this knowledge, you can now transform your outdoor space into a perfect place for peaceful relaxation by creating your own sauna oasis.

            Remember, we're here to help; we also offer a range of traditional indoor saunas as well. With so many benefits we stand behind our quality. Have a look at some of our work.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Can I put a sauna in my backyard?

            It is definitely possible to have a high-quality sauna installed. You can build it as a separate unit or place it on an existing deck or porch. With the modern pre-fab cabin models, this is an excellent choice. It is also crucial to select the best heater options for your sauna. Have a look at our heater options here.

            Do saunas use a lot of electricity?

            Saunas draw considerable electrical power- a 6 kW heater consumes 7-9 kWh during a two-hour range usage period, requiring ample energy supply. We have great heater options you can explore here.

            Is it worth getting an outdoor sauna?

            An outdoor sauna offers a unique and intentional space to relax and unwind. With an elegant design, you can seamlessly incorporate your sauna into your home.

            Can I customize the size and layout of my outdoor sauna?

            You're in luck! You have the freedom to design an outdoor sauna that matches your unique preferences and outdoor settings. Whether you prefer a particular size, configuration, or style, we can help you create your own home sauna. So, go ahead and let your creativity flow, and we'll make it happen! Give us a call today to discuss your sauna needs.

            Do I need professional installation for my outdoor sauna kit?

            Your outdoor sauna kit is crafted for self-assembly, negating the necessity for a professional setup. Nevertheless, expert installation help can be found if you prefer a skilled hand to assemble your sauna. Contact us for more.

            Do you recommend infrared saunas?

            We do not recommend infrared saunas, we feel that traditional sauna tend to be best. The heat you generate from a traditional sauna, in our opinion, is superior to other types.

            Do you have indoor saunas?

            Yes, we do have indoor saunas; we have great pre-fabricated indoor sauna models as well as custom-built options. Using the highest quality we can create an indoor oasis you'll love. Learn More. You may also enjoy our article on how saunas can add value to your home. Read more.

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