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Round Cube MINI Outdoor Sauna

Round Cube MINI Outdoor Sauna

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Introducing our "Cube" Outdoor prefab sauna, the Mini Cube model. Designed for those in pursuit of a revitalizing experience post-workout, this sauna features an expansive, adjustable area. The sauna space is adorned with a subtly tinted bronze glass wall, infusing an element of sophistication into the overall design.

The rising popularity of outdoor prefab saunas in North America is attributed to their straightforward assembly using prefabricated components, offering a classic sauna ambiance. Crafted from thermally modified spruce, our Cube Outdoor prefab saunas boast a weather-resistant wood that undergoes a process of heat and steam treatment, enhancing its resilience, resistance to decay, and dimensional stability. The incorporation of this premium wood material contributes to the sauna's enduring quality and aesthetic allure.

One of the key advantages of outdoor prefab saunas lies in the opportunity to indulge in sauna therapy amidst nature, intensifying the overall experience and fostering a deeper connection with the outdoors while reaping the health benefits of sauna therapy. The Cube Outdoor prefab saunas are available in various sizes and styles, catering to different preferences, from compact single-person models to spacious multi-person saunas, ensuring a suitable fit for any space.

The specific features of the Cube model include top and bottom Alder benches arranged in a slightly contoured "L" configuration, as depicted in the accompanying drawings. Customers can customize their sauna experience by selecting their preferred HUUM electric sauna heater, such as the floor-standing HIVE MINI. HUUM products stand out for their design, specifically allowing water to be poured on the stones, ensuring a delightful and comfortable sauna session. Additionally, customers can choose a HUUM heater with WIFI control for seamless and remote sauna management by simply downloading the HUUM app.

Our dedicated team is ready to address any inquiries about our Cube Outdoor prefab saunas, providing comprehensive details about the thermally modified Spruce used in the sauna. To ensure safety and suitability for your needs and property, consulting with professionals before making a purchase is crucial. It's also essential to note that all electrical work must be handled by a licensed electrician, emphasizing the importance of checking electrical requirements in advance.


  • Walls: 40mm Thermodwood
  • Roof: Premium shingle roof, Icopal Plano XL Black
  • External Door: Tempered MIRROR glass door with PREMIUM handle
  • Front Wall: Double MIRROR glass, 10mm, tempered
  • Sauna platform with 3 steps , back bars and platform skirts made of high-quality wood material
  • Benches and seats: 2 level benches with bench skirts
  • Floor cover: 1pcs Nerostep plastic grid mats
  • Arches: Full circle arches for front and back wall, painted black
  • 3x ventilation openings
  • Juniper wall option available

If you require installation please contact us for details.  

Starting Sauna price does not include a sauna heater. 

PLEASE NOTE: A CREDIT CARD IS NOT REQUIRED TO PLACE THE ORDER. We DO NOT process any payments through our website, this is just an order form. You will receive a separate invoice with a secure checkout link once your order is placed. Please contact us with any questions.  289-715-2254
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