Pure Cube 3.9 Outdoor Sauna

$10,699.00 CAD

The Pure Cube 3.9 outdoor prefab sauna is typically installed in a backyard, or any other outdoor space in Canada and the USA. “Prefab”, or “prefabricated” saunas are manufactured in sections/parts, and shipped to the installation site in a nicely packaged crate.

The word “prefabricated” refers to factory-made components that are pre-made, and ready to be assembled according to an instruction manual. This makes these saunas much easier to install than traditional saunas. Pure Cube 3.9 outdoor prefab sauna kits are made from thermo-spruce and are weather-resistant.

Choose an electric sauna heater or wood burning stove, the Pure Cube 3.9 comes equipped with a ventilation system, 2-level benches for the sitting area, porch outside the main door, as well as change room inside. Outdoor prefabricated saunas are a popular choice for people in Canada and the US who want to enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy in their own backyard.

Our “Cube” models are easily assembled, making them a convenient and portable option for those who do not have a lot of space. We offer a professional installation service that is available upon your request and is quoted depending on the location of installation and size of the unit.


Walls: 42 mm, thermo-spruce

Roof: bitumen shingles

External door: wooden door with glass insert or tempered bronze glass door

Benches: 2-level alder benches

Windows: the standard kit comes with 2 front windows or a front tempered bronze colour glass wall

Ventilation: 3 ventilation openings

Floorboards, backrests & and benches skirts are included

Disclaimer: ELU Saunas & Cold Tub’s is not responsible for ANY electrical work; this portion of the job needs to be completed by a licensed electrician.

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