Sauna Rocks: Best Type of Rocks for Your Sauna

Sauna Rocks: Best Type of Rocks for Your Sauna

When it comes to elevating your sauna experience, one of the pivotal factors to consider is your choice of sauna rocks. These rocks play a central role in generating the steam that transforms a sauna session into a soothing and rejuvenating escape.

This guide will help you understand the different types of sauna rocks, their unique benefits, and how to use sauna rocks for an unparalleled experience.

What Are Sauna Rocks?

Steam rising from sauna rocks

Sauna rocks are the unsung heroes of the traditional sauna experience. These rocks, typically made from igneous rocks like granite or basalt, serve as the heart of your sauna's heat and steam production.

Heated by wood-burning stoves or electric heaters, they retain heat efficiently and, when water is poured over them, generate the steam that defines a sauna.

Why Different Sauna Rocks Are Used

Not all sauna rocks are created equal, and their unique properties affect the sauna's functionality. The type, size, and shape of sauna rocks impact heat regulation and the resulting steam. Choosing the right sauna rocks based on your preferences can create an ideal sauna atmosphere for relaxation and wellness.

How to Choose the Right Sauna Rocks

Sauna benches and sauna rocks

Selecting the right sauna rocks will optimize your sauna experience. It's important to consider factors such as the type of rocks, their size, and their shape to achieve the ideal heat and steam levels.

Types of Sauna Rocks

Now that we understand the power of sauna rocks and how they influence the sauna experience, let's discuss the varieties. Each type brings its unique characteristics to the table, catering to different preferences and wellness goals:


Known for its excellent heat retention, basalt rocks are an excellent choice for those seeking consistent and gentle steam in their saunas.


Durable and efficient, granite rocks offer a reliable and long-lasting source of heat in your sauna.


With its unique properties, olivine rocks provide a distinctive sauna experience that combines excellent heat retention with a touch of elegance.


Semi-precious jadeite rocks ionize the air, creating a refreshing and disinfecting effect in your sauna. Their beauty and durability make them an attractive choice.


Quartz rocks bring a touch of luxury to your sauna while offering excellent heat distribution and a consistent steam output.

Rounded vs Split-Faced Stones

Rounded sauna rocks

When it comes to selecting the perfect sauna stones, the choice between rounded and split-faced stones depends on the type of sauna experience you desire.

Rounded stones are a popular choice for saunas because they facilitate even water distribution. Due to their circular shape, water can penetrate the inner layers of these stones, resulting in a slower, more gradual evaporation process. This, in turn, produces a milder and longer-lasting steam.

Split-faced stones, on the other hand, offer a different experience. These stones feature rough, irregular surfaces, which can lead to quicker water evaporation compared to rounded stones. This results in a more intense burst of steam when water is splashed on them.

While the choice is yours, we recommend that you choose rounded sauna stones for a more enjoyable and long-lasting experience.

Choosing Size and Shape

The size and shape of your sauna rocks also influence the quality of your sauna sessions. Smaller stones distribute heat faster, while larger ones have better heat retention. Combining various sizes can enhance your sauna's performance.

How to Use Sauna With Rocks

Outdoor sauna with stones

To maximize the benefits of your sauna experience, it's essential to understand how to properly use sauna stones. Follow these steps for effective usage, preparation, and maintenance:

Stone Quantity

Determine the appropriate number of stones needed for your sauna heater. The quantity will depend on the heater's size and design. Typically, smaller sauna heaters require fewer stones, while larger ones need more.

Stone Preparation

Before using the stones, wash and rinse them to remove any impurities or contaminants. Clean stones will prevent odors or staining during heating.

Stone Placement

Arrange the selected stones inside your sauna heater. It's crucial to ensure proper air circulation around the stones, so avoid packing them too tightly.

Heating Process

Heat your sauna stones using the sauna heater until they reach the desired temperature. The stones should be hot but not scorching.

Water Splashing

The key to regulating heat and steam lies in splashing water onto the heated stones. Start with a small amount of water during your session.

For a balanced experience, gradually add more water as needed to achieve your desired level of heat and steam. Remember that adding too much water at once can cool the stones quickly and reduce the steam effect.

When Should I Replace My Sauna Rocks?

Steam rising out of sauna rocks

Sauna stones play a key role in creating the perfect sauna experience. They are subjected to extreme temperatures and frequent water splashes, which can affect their longevity. Knowing when to replace your sauna rocks will help you maintain a relaxing sauna atmosphere.

Regularly inspect your sauna stones for signs of wear and tear. Cracks, excessive wear, or deterioration are red flags that indicate the need for replacement. Maintaining stones in good condition is essential for consistent sauna sessions.

To extend the lifespan of your sauna stones, it's advisable to rotate them regularly. This simple practice ensures even distribution of wear and tear across all stones. By doing so, you can maximize the usage of your stones and maintain a reliable sauna experience.


In conclusion, the different types of sauna rocks each offer unique advantages. Whether you opt for rounded stones for efficient heat accumulation and a balanced sauna atmosphere, or choose another type, the right sauna rocks can elevate your sauna experience to new heights.

Shop sauna stones and indoor saunas today to complete your home oasis for wellness and relaxation.

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