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Halden Classic Outdoor Sauna

Halden Classic Outdoor Sauna

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Introducing the HALDEN Classic: Your Cozy Outdoor Oasis

Step into the world of outdoor relaxation and wellness with the HALDEN Classic sauna. This thoughtfully designed sanctuary, measuring 9.5 feet by 9.5 feet, offers the perfect blend of coziness and sophistication. Ideal for smaller spaces or those seeking a private sauna retreat, it boasts a single room plus an inviting overhang.

Crafted from untreated 1.6-inch spruce logs, the sauna walls showcase both natural beauty and long-lasting durability. Below, the floor is a harmonious fusion of pretreated C24 quality framing material and 1-inch spruce boards, complete with a convenient metal drain in the sauna room.

For outdoor sauna enthusiasts, the overhang provides a delightful space for relaxation before or after your sauna session, featuring pretreated decking boards beneath the roof. Speaking of the roof, it's designed for enduring quality, with bitumen shingles and an under-layer, complemented by C24 quality roof boards.

Stepping into the great outdoors is a breeze through the wooden-framed door infused with tempered bronze glass, offering privacy with its lockable feature. Warmth and ambiance abound, thanks to windows made of bronze-tempered glass set within wooden frames.

Inside, you'll find comfort in the form of two-level alder benches, each measuring 28 inches by 90 inches. There's even an external spruce bench for those who prefer a breath of fresh air. To ensure a smooth assembly process, the HALDEN Classic sauna comes complete with installation drawings and screws.

Each HALDEN sauna seamlessly marries natural materials with modern amenities, culminating in the ultimate outdoor wellness experience. Choose the HALDEN Classic  and embark on a journey to relaxation and rejuvenation with every visit.

HALDEN CLASSIC: 6′ 10 5/16″ x 9′ 6 3/16″ (2090x2900mm) – 1 room + overhang

Walls: untreated 1.6-inch (40mm) spruce logs

Floor: pretreated C24 quality framing material 45″x95″ (1143x2413mm), 15/16″ (24mm) spruce floor boards; metal floor drain in the sauna

Decking: pretreated decking boards under the overhang roof

Roof: bitumen shingles with an under layer, C24 quality roof boards, spruce ceiling boards for inside the sauna, 1 3/16″ PIR sauna insulation

Door: wood framed, 8mm tempered bronze glass, lockable

Window: bronze tempered glass with a wood frame

Benches: two level alder benches 28″x90″ (711x2286mm), external bench made from spruce

Set Includes: Installation drawings, hardware

If you require installation please contact us for details.  

Starting Sauna price does not include a sauna heater. 

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