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Patio XS Outdoor Prefabricated Sauna Cabin Kit

Patio XS Outdoor Prefabricated Sauna Cabin Kit

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Patio S outdoor prefab sauna is typically installed in a backyard, or any other outdoor space in Canada and the USA. “Prefab”, or “prefabricated” saunas are manufactured in sections/parts, and shipped to the installation site in a nicely packaged crate. The word “prefabricated” refers to factory-made components that are pre-made, and ready to be assembled according to an instruction manual.

These sauna kits are made from Nordic Thermo-Spruce and are weather-resistant. If the Spruce has been thermally treated beforehand, any potential sap seepage is prevented completely. Thermal treatment on spruce uses a precise combination of heat and steam to transform wood into a more durable and stable wood with a stronger structure and higher resistance to rot. The best part is that this is a natural, chemical-free and eco-friendly process that just brings out the absolute best that Spruce has to offer. It’s high density and firmly ingrown structure makes it an excellent wood choice for a sauna —which is why it is one of the more popular sauna woods used in Finland and other European traditional saunas. Nordic spruce has a beautifully light colouring and is known for staying mostly white throughout its lifespan. It also has a subtle, yet therapeutic aroma. It contains terpenes hydrocarbons which are natural insect repellent.

They come with your choice of electric stove, a ventilation system, benches for the sitting area. Outdoor prefabricated saunas are a popular choice for people in Canada and the US who want to enjoy the benefits of sauna therapy in their own backyard. We offer a professional installation service that is available upon your request and is quoted depending on the location of installation and size of the unit.

  • Base Frame: Pretreated.
  • Walls: 1.5-inch (40mm) Thermospruce logs.
  • Roof: 1-inch boards with EPDM cover and metal edges; interior features spruce paneling and 1-inch PIR insulation.
  • Floor: 1-inch pretreated spruce boards; metal sauna drain.
  • Door: 2 x 6 ft full glass with 8mm bronze tempered glass.
  • Window: Wood-framed with 8mm bronze tempered glass.
  • Benches: Two-level, 28-inch by 7.5 ft alder benches.
  • Set Includes: Installation drawings, hardware.

If you require installation please contact us for details.  

Starting Sauna price does not include a sauna heater. 

PLEASE NOTE: A CREDIT CARD IS NOT REQUIRED TO PLACE THE ORDER. We DO NOT process any payments through our website, this is just an order form. You will receive a separate invoice with a secure checkout link once your order is placed. Please contact us with any questions. 289-715-2254
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