Indoor Purecube Dry Sauna Room

Enhance your home sauna experience

Health & Wellness

- Ideal Temperature 70 C - 100 C

- Pour Water Over Sauna Stones To Increase Humidity In Your Sauna Room

- Add Essential Oils In The Water for Aromatherapy Experience In Sauna

- Wear Very Little Or No Clothing To Release Toxins From Your Body While In Sauna

With our Wi-Fi enabled remote controlled electric sauna heaters have your outdoor sauna ready to go with the touch of a button right from your phone.

Our outdoor saunas arrive in pre-fabricated easy to assemble panels. Everything you need to build your outdoor sauna is delivered right to your door!

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Advantages of Pre-Fab Indoor Sauna

Portable Indoor Sauna

- Compact & Functional Sauna Rooms

- Easily Moved, Ideal For Basement Or Garage

- Made From Quality Canadian Red Cedar

- Easy To Setup & Install

- Great For Small Spaces

- Accommodates Various Electric Sauna Heaters