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HUUM Stones for Electric Sauna Heater 15kg (5-10cm)

HUUM Stones for Electric Sauna Heater 15kg (5-10cm)

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We highly recommend using rounded stones in HUUM sauna heaters to complement the design and have milder steam. The stones are durable and have high heat capacity. You can also use other types of stones in HUUM heaters, except decorative stones because they can break easily.

Choose your stones wisely.

Throwing water on the sauna stones is how you regulate heat and steam in the sauna. The shape, size and composition of the sauna stones can impact the way the sauna heater distributes steam and its overall functionality. We recommend using round stones because they provide a milder steam. Due to the round shape, water can reach the inner layer of the sauna stones and evaporate gradually instead of evaporating all at once from the top layer. We suggest laying smaller stones closer together on the top to accumulate the heat better.


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