Collection: HUUM Sauna Heaters

Discover the peak of relaxation and luxury with our best-selling collection of HUUM Sauna Heaters. Designed to transform your home sauna into a space of tranquility, each HUUM Sauna Heater is engineered for unparalleled performance, quality, and elegance. Whether located in the heart of Canada or any cold corner of the world, our HUUM Sauna Canada collection promises to deliver an authentic and enriching sauna experience.

Crafted from premium stainless steel and robust materials, HUUM Sauna Heaters are renowned for their rapid heating capabilities, allowing you to immerse in the soothing warmth of your sauna without a long wait. The meticulous design of HUUM Sauna Heaters not only ensures efficient and even heat distribution but also showcases the natural beauty of HUUM sauna stones, improving the aesthetic appeal of your sauna space.

Why Choose HUUM Sauna Heaters?

Quick Heat-Up Time

HUUM Sauna Heaters are designed to reach your desired temperature swiftly, maximizing your relaxation time.

Energy Efficiency

Embrace the eco-friendly approach with HUUM Sauna Heater Canada models, known for their low energy consumption without compromising on warmth.

Safety First

Equipped with advanced safety features, HUUM Sauna Heaters provide peace of mind with overheating protection and durable construction.

Customizable Comfort

Tailor your sauna sessions with adjustable settings, ensuring the perfect temperature and atmosphere to suit your preferences.

Sleek and Modern Design

The elegant design of HUUM Sauna Heaters adds a touch of sophistication to your sauna, making it not just a wellness retreat but also a statement piece in your home.

    Frequently Asked Questions About HUUM Sauna Heaters

    What size HUUM Sauna Heater do I need?

    The ideal size of your HUUM Sauna Heater depends on the cubic footage of your sauna. Generally, you'll require 1 kW of power for every 45 cubic feet of space to ensure optimal heating.

    Can I install a HUUM Sauna Heater myself?

    For the best results and safety, professional installation of your HUUM Sauna Heater is recommended, especially for larger models or those with intricate features.

    How do I maintain my HUUM Sauna Heater?

    Maintaining your HUUM Sauna Heater involves regular cleaning of the heating elements and HUUM sauna stones, as well as periodic inspections for wear or damage.

    Are HUUM Sauna Heaters safe?

    Absolutely. HUUM Sauna Heaters are built with your safety in mind, incorporating protective features, automatic shut-offs, and high-quality materials for a secure sauna experience.

    Can I use essential oils with my HUUM Sauna Heater?

    Yes, enhance your sauna experience by adding a few drops of essential oils to the water poured over the HUUM sauna stones, creating an aromatic atmosphere that soothes the senses.

    How long does a HUUM Sauna Heater last?

    HUUM Sauna Heaters are built for durability. With proper maintenance, they can last many years, providing consistent and reliable performance for your sauna sessions.

    Is it difficult to replace HUUM sauna stones?

    Replacing HUUM sauna stones is straightforward. Ensure the heater is cool, remove old stones, and replace them with new ones, following the manufacturer's guidelines for size and type of stones.

    Can HUUM Sauna Heaters be used in outdoor saunas?

    Yes, HUUM Sauna Heaters are versatile and can be used in both indoor and outdoor saunas, making them a perfect choice for any setting.

    Do HUUM Sauna Heaters come with a warranty?

    All HUUM Sauna Heaters come with a 5-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected against manufacturing defects and ensuring peace of mind.

    How often should I perform maintenance on my HUUM Sauna Heater?

    Regular maintenance, including checking and cleaning the stones and heater elements, is recommended at least once a year to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

    Can I control my HUUM Sauna Heater remotely?

    With the addition of a UKU Wi-Fi or GSM controller, you can easily control your HUUM Sauna Heater remotely via the HUUM mobile app, offering convenience and flexibility.

    Transform your sauna experience with our top-quality, efficient, and elegantly designed HUUM Sauna Heaters. Embrace the home value of a HUUM sauna in Canada or wherever you call home, and embark on a wellness journey to relaxation and rejuvenation.

    Shop our sauna heaters collection today and elevate your sauna experience to new heights. 

    Huum drop heater for dry sauna


    HUUM electric sauna heaters are as elegant as they are dependable. These beautiful electric sauna heaters will not only be a conversation piece for your sauna room, but thanks to their high stone capacity, the HUUM sauna heaters will provide a mild and long-lasting steam. Purchasing a HUUM sauna heater is an investment in quality. Little metal is used in the heaters, so the heat comes mainly from the stones and not from heated metal. This means there are more negative ions in the air, which are known to be beneficial for health. All the HUUM sauna heaters are made from stainless steel and manufactured in Estonia. The quality of these sauna heaters is second to none.

    Stainless steel Huum sauna heater


    HUUM heaters, control units and other products are made entirely in Estonia. The sauna heaters are not made on a production line but require the expertise of experienced metal workers to construct their superior designs. Getting all the metal rods into the right length, the right thickness and bent in the right shape means a lot of manual work for the metal workers. The HUUM sauna heaters are made of stainless steel and go through shot blasting and acid treatment in order to get their final refined appearance.

    HUUM Sauna Heater User Manuals