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minimalist & functional design


HUUM electric sauna heaters are as elegant as they are dependable. These beautiful electric sauna heaters will not only be a conversation piece for your sauna room, but thanks to their high stone capacity, the HUUM sauna heaters will provide a mild and long-lasting steam. Purchasing a HUUM sauna heater is an investment in quality. Little metal is used in the heaters, so the heat comes mainly from the stones and not from heated metal. This means there are more negative ions in the air, which are known to be beneficial for health. All the HUUM sauna heaters are made from stainless steel and manufactured in Estonia. The quality of these sauna heaters is second to none.


a new standard

HUUM heaters, control units and other products are made entirely in Estonia. The sauna heaters are not made on a production line but require the expertise of experienced metal workers to construct their superior designs. Getting all the metal rods into the right length, the right thickness and bent in the right shape means a lot of manual work for the metal workers. The HUUM sauna heaters are made of stainless steel and go through shot blasting and acid treatment in order to get their final refined appearance.

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