Quality Craftsmanship With Canadian Red Western Cedar

traditional sauna accessories

Enhance Your Sauna Room And Elevate Your Home Wellness Practice

Sauna Rests & Furniture

A great way to enhance your sauna experience is with quality sauna rests to provide support, ensuring comfort throughout your wellness practice.

Sauna Timers & Clocks

Ideal for any home wellness experience so you can accurately monitor the time spent in your sauna room ensuring a safe and effective sauna experience.

thermometers & Hygrometers

An important and useful accessory for your sauna room that helps to monitor the climate and allows you to adjust the temperature when necessary.

Sauna Lights & Fixtures

Sauna lights and fixtures will enchance the atmosphere of your sauna experience. A subtle change in the emitting light is a great way to calm down and relax in your sauna.

buckets & ladles

A great addition to any sauna room allowing you to accelerate the heating process and increase the humidity by pouring water over the sauna stones