Thermory Barrel Sauna: 4-Person

$5,829.00 CAD

4-person, premium-quality DIY Barrel Sauna Kit. Natural light from the glass door illuminates this beautiful space. Includes comfortable benches for added convenience. Quality materials and superb engineering make this the very best outdoor sauna.

Spacious 6.06-foot inside diameter with 19.5-inch-deep Thermo-Aspen benches for your ultimate sauna bathing comfort. Sustainably sourced Northern European spruce features a brushed texture, distinct knots, and consistent heartwood colour.

Superior insulating properties keep you surrounded with even heat distribution with chemical-free thermal modification naturally enhancing every board to its core. Unrivalled rot and moisture resistance with exceptional stability and durability.

Intuitively engineered for simple DIY installation. Install in one day with no cutting required. Rain jacket, flooring, and the exterior trim package included

Once you step into a Thermory Barrel Sauna, you escape into your own private sanctuary of heat, steam, and quiet comfort, unmatched by any other barrel. More than a place to shed the burdens of the day, a Thermory Barrel Sauna is your own personal space to speed up your body’s natural healing process. Just relax and let your sauna do the work to help rejuvenate sore muscles, improve joint movement, and eliminate built-up toxins. So, whatever the day takes out of you, you’ll always finish strong.

This Thermory barrel sauna kit contains: barrel cradles, body staves, wall panels, glass front door, interior benches, backrest staves, duckboard flooring, fasteners, adhesive roof tape, metal bands, heat shield, cable raceway, rain jacket with trim.


Length: 71″

Height: 75 1/2″

Weight: 1900 lb

This sauna comes as a kit. Installation is available upon request.

Disclaimer: ELU - Saunas & Cold Tubs is not responsible for ANY electrical work; this portion of the job needs to be completed by a licensed electrician.