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Introducing the Pure Cube CU552 Outdoor Sauna Kit, an epitome of luxury and modern design in modular sauna experiences for homes and cottages. Available in Knotty and Clear Canadian Western Red Cedar.Accommodates 1-3 people.

CU580-D Outdoor Sauna

The Pure Cube CU580D Outdoor Sauna Dual Model is another sophisticated design with built-in outdoor shower and louvered privacy panels. Available in Knotty and Clear Canadian Western Red Cedar. Accommodates 1-4 people.

Neptune Outdoor Sauna

The Pure Cube Neptune Sauna model brings the outdoors inside with its large glass front wall. Fully insulated floor, walls and roof this modular sauna kit is easy to assemble. Manufactured in Ontario. Accommodates 1-6 people.


How does a traditional sauna work?

The traditional sauna room heating process involves an electric sauna heater or wood burning stove (if outdoors), which will heat the sauna stones. This process will allow the heat to radiate throughout the sauna room. The sauna will eventually achieve a set temperature, and will typically operate 50% of the time as the heater will cycle on and off. The sauna room will stay at a stable temperature thanks to the insulated walls and heated rocks. By pouring water over the sauna stones a traditional sauna is the only type of sauna room where you can control both the temperature and humidity.

What are the electrical requirements for my indoor sauna room?

It will require a 240v outlet, and you will need a licensed electrician to set up the external wiring for your electric sauna heater.

Is an electric sauna heater a cost effective heating method for a traditional indoor sauna?

An electric heater is both cost-effective and energy-efficient, and will not cause a substantial increase to the electrical bill. If the average kilowatt-hour of electricity is 12 cents and you have a 5kw heater, it will cost you 60 cents per hour, when the heater is running. It is important to remember that once your electric sauna heater is properly heated, the heater will remain off for 50% of the following hour. This means the cost for an hour long sauna session after it has heated up will likely be around 30 cents. Keep in mind that once your sauna session is complete you will turn off the electric sauna heater, unlike a hot tub which must constantly run in order to stay at the appropriate temperature.

Are pre-fab sauna rooms easy to install?

Yes. Two people with minimal tools can install any of our pre-fabricated sauna rooms.

What is the temperature of traditional indoor sauna rooms?

Traditional indoor saunas can reach temperatures ranging from 65° to 110° Celsius (150° F to 230° F). However studies have shown that to ensure the maxium benefit of sauna the ideal temperature is between 80° and 100° Celsius.

How long will it take for my indoor sauna room to heat up?

Depending on the room’s temperature, insulation, and vent openings, it takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes for the sauna rocks to pre-heat and achieve an optimal warmth level in the indoor home sauna.

Is it recommended to pour water over the sauna stones?

Pouring water over the sauna stones will create a steam and raise humidity levels; this process is enjoyed by many traditional sauna users. The benefits of pouring water over the
sauna stones and creating the steam include:

- Upgrading comfort feel

- Moisturizing dry nasal passages

- Creating an atmosphere for aromatherapy when combined with essential oils

Is sauna use good for my health?

Yes. A traditional sauna has multiple health benefits such as improved blood circulation, stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, better breathing, and skin cleansing. More information on the health benefits can be found here.

How long should I stay in the traditional sauna?

In order to reap the health benefits of the deliberate heat exposure of traditional sauna, it is recommended that a session should be 5min-20min, depending on the level of heat. More detailed information on recommended protocol can be found here.

What surface can I install my traditional indoor sauna room?

Your indoor traditional sauna room must be installed on a level surface, and can be supported by various floor types except for carpet.